Spring Trip 2

Friday, May 06, 2005

An 1700's Mission in New Mexico, you can see this from I-40. People still live in the surrounding houses, and the Mission is active.

Monday, April 18, 2005

What a day! Two of my favorite buffets! Breadfast in Benton, Arkansas at Browns. Three kinds of gravy (one is chocolate) and more homemade items than I can remember. I especially liked the hash brown casserole. Similar to Cracker Barrels, but I like it better. I went rather light since I suspected I'd be stopping later for dinner.

The Dogwood is in full bloom along Interstate 40 in Tennessee. Just beautiful!

Jackson, Tennessee. Mile 80 on I-40. This was one of our favorite stops when we were on the road all the time as vendors. Casy Jones Village.

Plate #1 at Casey Jones's.

These are little "griddle" corn breads. They serve them up hot at the Casey Jones Buffet. Along with a huge salad bar, home made soups, fresh hot cobblers, and a couple of main lines. Catfish fillets, slow roasted pulled pork, tender calves liver and onions, several chicken dishes. Baby limas, large limas, black eyed peas, two kinds of greens, sweet potatos, baked, mashed and fried potatos, green beans, corn and peas, baked fish, then some Mexican dishes, and a kids bar with stuff they like. I got my moneys worth

The buffet in Casey Jones Village, Jackson, Tennessee. Very nice gift shop, interesting train trivia, and a musuem of Casey's things. As in most places this close to Nashville, the walls are plastered with signed pictures from the Stars.

Sunday, April 17, 2005

A happy Sherm after having the ticket for this nice jacket donated by ROK. They are suppose to mail it home. It's Sunday, the 17th, as I post this. I'm just East of Texarkana, Arkansas. Also, the first day of the whole trip so far that I haven't taken a picture. Maybe will find something interesting tomorrow.

Skid and Sandy in their room. This is Skids very small and nice baby laptop. Does the job and takes up very little room in the bike. He's a record keeper like no one I've even known!

Coyote took this shot of Sherm shooting a small flower, and Sandy about ready to get in trouble!

Coyote took this one of Slash, Wiliedog and I in Luckenbach. We had just finished checking out the VROC HCR bricks. This was number VIII, for 2005.

Coyote spent considerable time getting my old laptop to connect to the new VROC chat group. He has a lot more patience, not to mention computer knowledge than anyone I know! Skid watches on, he's learning things. I was watching Piper's poodle and enjoying the sunshine

Pam Gates on her way to shop! No more chickens please.

This is a very strange chicken that Wiliedog and Pam bought. I think he's going to paint it pink, put it in his yard and call it a Flamingo.

Skid thought it was nice for Texas to put up a sign for him!

Enchanted Rock. Those spots are people walking on it, and can't imagine why! Coyote told us this is a Comanche Ceremonial grounds.

This the cooking area at Coopers. 7 large grills, that are kept full of red hot mesquite coals. Each grill has it's own meat in it, then it's transfered to the one in front where customers pick out what they want. Can you imagine how it smells here?

This is Tigra. She was there representing ROK. and was responsible for Kawasaki's donation of MANY nice door prizes!

Slash and Coyote at Coopers

Saturday, April 16, 2005

Had to make my annual visit to the Flower Farm. Every year is get larger and better. A huge gift shop, and many, many plants and flowers. A fun place to visit!

One of the prettiest cacti I've ever seen! This baby was in FULL bloom!

57 Dave, a Harley rider that rode out with Joker. He won this nice jacket.

Skid was having a good time, despite the fact that everyone around him was getting door prizes. I think that big Silver Honda is your prize!

The Original Rooster, he's from Texas.

Pam Gates and Wiliedog. Dualing cameras!

X and Runt

The caterer's did a fine job on the buffet. The chicken and beef fajitas were very tender and seasoned just right. It was an excellent meal, and served in the old Luckenbach dance hall. Fergie and his helpers did a fine job with the award ceremony.

Sandy and Linda

Mango and Linda. They may look a little serious here, but they are a fun couple! And Manjo has spent many hours on his web page adding good information about the A models. They came down all the way from the North East somewhere.

Joker and Kelly (Slash) at the famous picture taking spot.

John (Coyote) Shreve. VROC 350 and 13,000-H! Contratulations John!

This is Runt (Ms. X). She's collecting votes for people's choice during the bike show.

This is X's VN2000. He placed 2nd in the class, and placed first in peoples choice. It was the dirtiest bike in the show!

The famous Menz room at Luckenbach. Some very famous people have "hung out" here! Like Willie Nelson, and Wiliedog!

Highroller and Lowroller of the Dallas/Ft.Worth VROC. Lowroller received the 1st place award in the 800 class at the bike show.

A "manly" size order of Curly fries!

Kelly (Slash) and Joker. I think this was some kind of contest. Too bad it wasn't a video! 57 Dave looks on.

57 Dave and Joker

This is Lucy, Piper's 7 month old poodle. It's great to be able to get my "Poodle fix" on the road. She's a real sweetie!

Frontier Motel/RV/Campground where I'll be staying until Sunday

Thursday, April 14, 2005

Here's the 2005 edition of my annual Luckenbach picture.

Texas venison.

This picture's for Toa. Note the Texas sheepherder....

This is the south entrance to the Luckenbach loop.

Some of "the gang" waiting for something to happen. It didn't.

The old Post Office is in front, now a gift shop, a small bar in back, and that, with the Dance Hall, IS Luckenbach. That's all there is, there ain't no more. Except for a little outside stage, the rest rooms, and some outside fire pits.

The menu at the Feed Lot

Slash and Sandy.

The old original dance hall and feedlot.

Wiliedog, John (Coyote) Shreve, the new "Honorary" member number 13,000H and VROC 350, and Oldman